Picture of ME! :D

Hi there! Nice to meet you!

I'm a Berkeley Bear.

A Code Enthusiast

A Corgi Connoisseur

Hello, World. I'm Michael.


>>> from MyLife import *

>>> def contact():
inSchool = True
while inSchool:
return 'mmwang@berkeley.edu'

>>> Education
{'University': UC Berkeley,
'Major': Computer Science,
'Graduation': Fall 2017 }

>>> Interests
['teaching', 'tennis', 'streetwear', 'years&years', 'vlogging', 'petting dogs', 'tetris', 'chess', 'super smash', 'quinoa', 'tumblr']

>>> Coursework
{'CS61A:' [Python, SQL, Scheme],
'CS61B:' [Java, Data Structures],
'CS61C:' [C, Logisim, MIPS],
'CS70: ' [Proofs, Probability, Graph Theory],
'CS168:' [TCP/IP, Routing Algorithms, Network Architecture],
'CS170:' [Efficient Algorithms, Dynamic Programming],
'CS188:' [Artificial Intelligence, Learning Algorithms],
'CS186:' [Databases],
'CS161:' [Security],
'CS162:' [Operating Systems] }

>>> toLearn(inFreeTime)
Android Dev

>>> print(Github)
'A commit a day keeps complacency at bay!'

CS61A Student Resources

I love teaching and providing students with the resources and tools necessary to learn fundamental CS concepts. These culminated resources will be targeted towards topics I've seen students struggle with while lab assisting, tutoring, and teaching section and presented in a way which hopefully dispels misconceptions. Happy learning!

2016 Summer at NBC

During my sophomore summer, I was a software engineering intern on the anti-piracy team at NBC in Los Angeles! I write about my experience, sprinkle in some quick introspection, and complain about how I went on that Harry Potter ride, like, 20 times.

2017 Summer at Fivestars

Summer of junior year I worked at a super fun startup in SF SOMA. Due to the nature of startups, I was all over the tech stack, but my main focus was the backend API for the new Fivestars feature, Universal Status! Click ahead if you want to see my final presentation (it's probably confusing if you weren't there to hear me talk about it, lol.)


In my free time I like making birds that have a mind of their own. Try asking birdobot for the weekly weather update or your daily horoscope! Guaranteed to be poop-free in 140 characters or less. Made with Python and a whole lotta API calls.


My team and I went to CalHacks 3.0 this year! We built a mental health tracker app which records the progress of a user's mental health through emotion sentiment analysis using the IBM Watson API. We used D3.js for graph visualizations, Flask on the backend, and with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery on the frontend.